DSC00175I am really excited that you are here because it means that you are ready for a new and exciting look!  You have come to the right place!

I offer two distinct services.

1.  Fashion Styling:

With the fashion styling consultation together we’ll look at your clothing and define your own personal style.

You may be someone who wants to follow the fashion trends every season.  I offer advice and guidance so that the latest looks work for you.

Perhaps you want to explore your own style beyond what the fashion gurus are saying.  We can do that too!

I can show you how to get the most out of the pieces you have in your closet without spending a dime on additional clothing.

If you are interested in adding new pieces to your wardrobe, I’ll make suggestions that compliment what you already have.

I can make the entire experience even more effortless  and shop for you or accompany you to the store as your guide.

2.  Color analysis:

When I analyze your colors, using the Colorz System that I developed, I’ll reveal to  you your Colorz Pallet.   The Colorz Pallet will highlight clothing colors that will give you a youthful glow and bring out more of your natural beauty.  I developed the Colorz System with youthfulness and natural beauty in mind.

The process of discovering your Colorz Pallet is very illuminating and you will be blown away by the results!

So that you can continue to choose the colors that are right for you,  I’ll give you a swatch packet, with your particular Colorz Pallet.   The Colorz Pallet is your tool to take with you when you shop for clothing.  This way you will always wear the colors that enhance your natural beauty.

Please look at my testimonial page to see how excited customers have been about their clothing consultation and Colorz analysis!


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